Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Robin Hood Collection (Blamires donation), University of Manchester

The University of Manchester has recently finished cataloging a significant donation of Robin Hood materials. Mark Hastings, of the University of Manchester Library, has provided the IARHS and Robin Hood Scholars blog a brief introduction to the collection; the catalogers have also noted some highlights of the collection.

Hastings says:

"The recently catalogued Robin Hood Collection is part of the book collection of David Blamires, formerly Professor of German at the University of Manchester, and was donated to the Library in June 2015. Mainly in English, contents include scholarly works, academic translations, music scores, juvenile literature, children’s activity books, annuals, and books to accompany the various film versions of the legend of Robin Hood.

Full details for all items can be found on the University Library Search page, change filter from ‘All Items’ to ‘Books’ for best results.

Items are located at the John Rylands Library; please note that this collection is not digitized."


  • Item 83: Robin Hood, or, a complete history of all the notable exploits performed by him and his merry men: | b in which is given a preface containing a more full and particular account of his birth, &c. than any hitherto published. York : Printed by and for Thomas Wilson and Son, High Ousegate, 1811. An image is available below:

  • Item 10: Robin Hood [one of Miss Mary Merryheart's new series of 14 coloured one shilling untearable books]. London : Dean & Son, [ca. 1860]. Two images are available below:

  • Item 29: The noble birth and gallant atchievements of that remarkable outlaw Robin Hood : together with a true account of the many merry & extravagant exploits he play'd, in twelve several stories, newly collected into one volume by an ingenious antiquary [limited edition prose originally printed in 1678, engraved t.p. and ornamental borders].
  • Item 47: Robin Hood [A high-spirited tale of adventure, starring Jim Henson's Muppets].
The University of Manchester Library has generously made the index of the collection's items available as a spreadsheet, in addition to access instructions provided above. Copies of the collection index are available as a Google Spreadsheet, as a PDF, and below as an embedded spreadsheet.