Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Listserv Issues: Some Notes

IARHS members who were subscribed to the old Rochester list should now have received invitations to join the new listserv; please check your email. This new listserv is part of a Google Group, and to view the full membership options you will need a Google account. You may use an already existing Google account, or create a new one. If you do not wish to create a Google account, then an administrator must add you directly to the new listerv. The administrator (Valerie Johnson) has sent an announcement to the old listerv with her contact information. Please email her directly at the address she specified.

If, however, you were not on the old list but wish to join the new list (or if you have not received mail from the old list) and do not wish to create a Google account, we have devised a work around: please comment on this post with your name and the email address you wish to add to the listserv. When we add you to the new list, we will delete your comment to protect your privacy.

ETA: Google account holders who are not already members of the list may contact the list administrator by viewing the Group page.

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