Thursday, July 27, 2017

IARHS CFP: Leeds International Medieval Congress 2018

Remembering Robin Hood:
Memory, Representation, and Adaptation in the Post-Medieval Outlaw Tradition

IARHS Sponsored Session
International Medieval Congress
University of Leeds

Stephen Basdeo

“The [Robin Hood] legend endured through adaptation. In each generation it acquired new twists from shifts in composition, outlook, and interests of the audience, or changes in the level of literacy, or developments in the means of communication”
James C. Holt, Robin Hood (1982)

Following on from a well-attended and very well-received panel at the IMC 2017, the International Association for Robin Hood Studies seeks to build upon this success by sponsoring a panel on the theme of memory in the outlaw tradition.

Of all medieval legends, Robin Hood is the one whose ‘afterlife’ in the modern period has proved to be the most successful in terms of longevity. Throughout history, he has been represented in plays, songs, books, and films, and memorialised in landmarks. The proposed panel will explore the various ways that certain aspects of the medieval Robin Hood tradition have been remembered by people and/or adapted by writers, artists, and filmmakers in the post-medieval period.

Possible papers might include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Robin Hood in landmarks (e.g. in sculpture, Robin Hood’s grave, Little John’s grave, Robin Hood’s well, etc.)
  • Robin Hood in post-medieval popular culture (e.g. 18th, 19th, and 20th-century medievalism: books, films, comics, etc.)

  • Community and contested memories of Robin Hood (e.g. local and nationalist appropriations of Robin Hood)
  • Folk memory and folk song.

In order to be considered for inclusion, please submit a 250 word abstract to by 15 September 2017.

The following should be included with your abstract:

  • Correspondence address and email address (this is important, as it will need to be submitted to the IMC)

  • Affiliation.

  • A brief biography (please indicate if you are a postgraduate student, as this will need to be included on the IMC submission)
If possible, please submit the abstract, your contact details, and biography as one word document.

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